Donating Materials

Donating Material to the Perry Memorial Library

All donated materials must be in good condition and in good working order.

All donations become the property of the library to do with as it sees fit; be it add materials to the collection or give materials to the Friends of the Perry Memorial Library to be used in a book sale.

Donations can be received any time the library is open.

Material that may be donated are listed below.

1. Print Material

  • Books - Hardbacks or Paperbacks

  • No Encyclopedias

  • No Textbooks

  • No Magazines

2. Audio Material:

  • Compact Discs (CDs) in playing condition - audio books or music

  • No Cassette Tapes

3. Video Material:

  • DVDs in playing condition - rated G, PG, or PG-13

  • No VHS tapes