Public Computer Use

*Please note: The public computers automatically shut down 20 minutes before the library closes and will not allow staff to log patrons onto the computers 25 minutes before the library closes.

Public Computer Use

  • Perry Memorial Library provides a number of networked computers for use by patrons in the library for internet browsing, word processing, and other activities. We do not provide earphone or ear buds at the computer stations, but ear buds may be purchased at the circulation and reference desks for $1.50 or brought from home. Anyone using our public computer stations and Internet services - including the WiFi - are subject to Perry Memorial Library's Internet Access Policy and the library's Behavior Policy (see below).

  • The library provides Wireless (WiFi) internet access. To access the WiFi, use the "Perry-Public" network. There is no password.

  • As of 2016, all of our public stations include MS Office 2010 suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. They all have internet access - we suggest (and provide) using Mozilla Firefox as your browser. All stations have access to a printer which prints in both color and black and white. The cost for printing is 10 cents for each black and white page and 25 cents for each color page.

  • There are twenty (20) adult computer stations - for use by those 13 years of age and older - located on the second floor.

  • There are ten (10) Internet access computers for children located on the first floor. These computers have Facebook and YouTube blocked from use as well as the normal federally mandated filters. There are also four (4) non-Internet access computers for children's use loaded with educational games appropriate for preschool through fourth grade. There are a few laptop computers available for checkout by parents wishing to stay with their children in the Children's Department - please ask at the Children's Services Desk.

  • Anyone using our public computer stations and Internet services - including the WiFi - are subject to Perry Memorial Library's Behavior and Internet Access Policy found Here.

Wireless Internet Use

Perry Memorial Library is pleased to provide wireless (Wi-fi) access to the Internet to our patrons. If you bring a laptop, smart phone, or tablet in to the library and want to use the Internet, you need to know the following:

  • The wireless network to access is "Perry-Public".

  • No password is needed.

  • Electrical outlets (for charging your devices) are available in the floor near most, but not all, tables and seating areas.

  • Audio/Video users must use headphones. Earbuds are available for purchase at the Circulation and Reference Desks for $1.50 if you do not bring your own.

  • Library staff members generally do not assist patrons with their computers or their configurations. Library staff cannot accept the liability for handling non-library equipment.

  • We do not offer wireless printing at this time.

Anyone using our Internet service – including via wireless – are subject to the Library’s Behavior Policy and Internet Policy