Getting a Library Card

Getting a Library Card

All Vance County residents or those owning property in Vance County are eligible for a free library card. A valid photo ID and proof of current residence (see below) must be presented when applying for a library card.

  • Persons not meeting eligibility qualifications for a free Perry Memorial Library card, those living outside of Vance County, may receive a card upon payment of $10.00. This nonrefundable fee entitles you to all benefits provided by the library for one (1) year. Valid identification and current address must be presented to purchase a card.

  • A valid Perry Memorial Library Card, or a valid card from any NC Cardinal library is required to checkout library materials.

  • Cards are issued for three (3) years; there is no fee for renewal. A $2.00 replacement fee will be charged for a lost card.

  • There is no age restriction for library card application. However, children under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian signature to obtain a library card.

  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the library immediately.

  • You are required to furnish one form of photo identification and proof of residence (address).

Documents accepted by Perry Memorial Library to verify identification:

Driver's license Passport School ID

Government ID Military ID Work ID

Documents accepted by Perry Memorial Library to verify current residence (address):

Driver's license Government ID Vehicle Registration

Imprinted checks Bank Statement Lease Agreement

Utility bill

Mail with your name and postmarked during the current or previous month

Apply for a library card online here: Register for library card.

  1. Be sure to use your mailing address.

  2. Include a working email as additional account information will be emailed to you.