Behavior and Internet Policy


Expectation for Behavior

Perry Memorial Library is a place for everyone, shared by the community, and used by many different people for widely different reasons.

Here’s what we expect of all of our users:

  • We expect users to respect the comfort and safety of fellow library users and library staff.

  • If your behavior is making others unsafe or uncomfortable, we will ask you to stop.

  • We expect users to comply with requests from library staff. If you don’t, we re-serve the right to suspend privileges and/or access.

  • We expect users to comply with local, state, and federal laws.

  • If you break the law, we may prosecute.

If you feel that something or someone is making your experience uncomfortable or unsafe, please let a staff member know.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 11/2016

Perry Memorial Library205 Breckenridge St. | Henderson, NC 27536 | phone 252-438-3316 | fax 252-438-3744 |

Internet Access Policy

The Perry Memorial Library provides free public access to the Internet.The Perry Memorial Library cannot guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, suitability, or legality of information accessed on the Internet. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the library has installed filters on all computer terminals. Library users of the Internet should be aware of the following:

  • Perry Memorial Library requires all Internet users to comply with Federal and State laws regarding pornography, cyber stalking, identity theft, fraud, etc.

  • Perry Memorial Library holds the position that parents and legal are responsible for monitoring their own children’s access to the Internet and the information obtained by its use.

  • Perry Memorial Library cannot guarantee confidentiality over the Internet. Pa-trons entering personal information do so at their own risk.

  • Perry Memorial Library is not responsible for work or information lost due to computer or system malfunctions or Internet connection interruptions.

Both Behavior Policy and Internet Policy are available below for download and printing

Behavior Policy


Internet Access Policy