We are not providing proctoring services at this time.

Exams and Proctoring

The student or instructor is required to make arrangements for the exam in advance, including requesting a computer if one is needed for an online exam. UNC Proctoring rules have changed, allowing students to ONLY TEST ON LIBRARY COMPUTERS. This limits how many PC based exams we can proctor at one time to ONE PERSON. Please contact the library to ensure there will be a computer available for your exam appointment. Arrangements may be made by contacting Monica Alston, Adult Services Supervisor, at malston@perrylibrary.org or calling 252-438-3316, ext 233.

Students must show picture identification in order to begin a proctored test. Students will not be able to view the login code for their administered exams.

Exams will be given in the "Quiet Room" behind the reference desk. No personal effects will be allowed in the room with the student other than those needed to take the exam. All other possessions will be kept safe in the Adult Services Office.

Proctoring is conducted by the library person staffing the Reference Desk at the time of the exam. Individual librarians are not assigned to proctor specific exams or students.

Library staff proctors from the Reference Desk – the library worker observes the student while performing other tasks and assisting other patrons. If your institution requires that the student receives constant supervision, the Perry Memorial Library cannot proctor your exam.

Any paper exams should be addressed to:

Perry Memorial Library

Attention: Proctoring

205 Breckenridge Street

Henderson, NC 27536.

The student must call to be sure that the exam has arrived. The library cannot call the student. The phone number for the Reference Desk is 252-438-3316, ext 237.

If the exam needs to be returned by mail and does not arrive with a postage-paid envelope, the student must provide both stamps and an envelope or pay for the library to supply them. The exam will be handled as all other library mail.

Exams will be given during regular library hours Monday through Friday and must be completed 30 minutes before the Library closes.

Please allow adequate time for Library staff to receive your information and fill out any appropriate forms, prepare equipment, etc. Five weekdays notice is preferred, a minimum of two weekdays. During the busier times of December and May, please give a minimum of five weekdays notice for exams outside of the UNC Online Exam Proctoring network.

*We are part of the UNC Online Exam Proctoring network. If you are a student at one of these universities, please make all proctoring appointments through this network.

Thank you.